Sofias Tailoring Of Ann Arbor

 I ride horses and have had this shop alter many of my heavy duty clothing including my leather. The work is impeccable. I am very satisfied with my results.


I had 3 days to have my wedding dress ready for my wedding. On the first day I flew into town and had my dress fitted by the shop, who made a special appointment for me after her closing time. On the second day, my dress was altered, and I was able to try it on by the end of business that same day. IT WAS A PERFECT FIT! They worked a miracle worker. On the third day, I was married in a beautiful fitting dress. Thank you very much.

- Anabel

I have gone here for years. Recently, I had gone out of town and bought some things while I was gone. I was anxious to wear my new outfits, but couldn’t wait to get back to have them altered, so I did the unspeakable. I went to someone else. Boy was that wrong. I took the items to them when I returned. They fixed what the “other professionals” messed up. What a life saver.


This is a very popular and busy tailor. Whenever I need something altered I am always among other customers in the shop. They spend quality time with every customer to make sure that their fitting is perfect.  They explain their fittings so we know what we’re getting. There is a talent here that surpasses all of the tailors in the area. I am a very picky and meticulous person. I want my clothing to fit me a certain way. I want it done right and I want it to look professional, the way it did before it was altered. I have never been disappointed here.  I highly recommend this shop to everyone.


I have a special needs adult child who needs alterations on almost everything we buy him.  We take him to this tailor for everything.  They are attentive and very gentle with him.  His slacks always need the legs to be different lengths, and they’re always perfect.  My son Adam loves his tailor.


I am a police officer and have all of my uniforms altered at this tailor. Uniforms are so boxy and very big in places where I have curves.  They do my fitting and my uniforms still compliment me as a female. Now I take everything to this tailor. They even repair my little things like buttons. Yes, I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know how to sew a button on correctly, and to my surprise, many people don’t. Once my hem came undone while on the job, so during lunch, they repaired my hem, and I still had time for a bite to eat.


I am in construction, and was working just down the street from this shop. I also have a past time riding snow mobiles. I have a snow suit that needed some alterations.  I dropped it off when they opened and I couldn’t believe it, they called before my day was over and told me it was done. I mentioned that I was trying to take it with me that weekend, and if there was a small chance I could have it for my trip, I would really appreciate it. They’ve earned my business.


I can go on and on about this wonderful tailor, but if you want to really know how good they are just take them something simple and you’ll be hooked. I don’t skimp on jeans. I buy, let’s say, pricy jeans, and they told me about original hems. At first it didn’t sound like it could be possible to take the hem off a pair of blue jeans and put it back on in such a way that it was nearly impossible to see the stitch.  Since then, I’ve been checking out other original hems, and have recommended this tailor every time. If I can see your original hem from where I’m standing that means it’s mediocre, and I want perfection.


My mother is in a wheelchair. This tailor takes great care of her. Her clothes always fit good, and her prices are very reasonable. My mother always taught me, “you get what you pay for”, I’m glad I found this tailor.


1821 W Stadium Blvd, Ann Arbor, MI, 48103, United States
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